Dr Mal Green - Associate

Estuarine, Coastal & Marine Specialist

Dr Malcolm Green is an Estuarine, Coastal & Marine Specialist and was previously an employee and Director at Streamlined Environmental Ltd.
Mal has been deeply involved in the shift to limits-based management under the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, and is leading Streamlined Environmental’s activities in this area. He led a MBIE-funded NIWA research programme for 6 years that provided the science, information and tools needed for limits-based management of aquatic ecosystems, including estuaries. Mal is currently providing science and modelling support to collaborative planning processes in Southland and Wellington (Porirua Harbour).

Mal is a specialist in estuarine and coastal physical processes. He has a BSc (1st Class Honours) from the University of Sydney and a PhD from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. He spent 6 years at the University of Cambridge (UK) researching sediment dynamics in the shallow seas around the British Isles before emigrating to New Zealand. Mal joined NIWA in 1994, where his research interests included sediment transport by waves and currents, boundary-layer flows over shellfish beds, sediment transport and the estuarine turbidity maximum in tidal creeks, and methods for predicting decadal-scale estuarine sedimentation. Before leaving NIWA to join Streamlined Environmental, Mal was Principal Scientist, Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes, as well as the Leader of NIWA’s Catchments to Estuaries core research programme.

Mal was awarded the 2009 Kudos Award for Environmental Science in recognition of his leading role in applying science to issues threatening our coasts. He was also awarded the 2015 NIWA prize for research excellence. Mal is very well known in the science community and amongst resource management practitioners as an excellent communicator. He has led large, multidisciplinary teams in innovative applied projects for clients.
Mal is certified as an RMA Decision Maker and, most recently, served as an independent commissioner on a panel of three convened by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council to decide an application by the Port of Napier for resource consents for dredging, wharf construction and occupancy of the CMA.

As an Associate with Streamlined Environmental, Mal provides contract specialist marine services on projects with our company, as well as offering independent services through RMA Services.