Double whammy – reconsenting success

Over the last 2 years, Streamlined Environmental Directors Dr Mike Stewart and Dr Ngaire Phillips have been absorbed in a couple of substantial re-consenting projects, namely discharge consents for Refining New Zealand’s (RNZ) Marsden Point Refinery (Mike) and Oji Fibre Solutions’ (Oji) Kinleith Mill (Ngaire). Mike worked closely with the RNZ team, legal, planners and other consultants to deliver an assessment of effects of a range of water quality contaminants on the sensitive Whangarei Harbour. As well, he undertook an environmental risk assessment of RNZ’s extensive process chemical arsenal, many of which were under the veil of commercial secrecy. Ngaire, in conjunction with Mark James of Aquatic Environmental Sciences, led a team of scientists charged with determining the current and future effects of Kinleith Mill’s operations. Oji is undertaking significant infrastructure improvements, which will substantially improve their discharge quality. Investigations included assessment of effects on aquatic ecological values of streams and of Lake Maraetai, human and environmental health risk assessments associated with contaminants, water quality (including colour and clarity issues), ecotoxicology and fish health. Our hard work and contributions paid off, with both applications being granted by their respective Councils without the need for a hearing (Refining NZ –

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