Dr Christopher Dada

Water Quality/Microbiology Specialist

Chris is an environmental health microbiologist, specializing in the fate, transport, detection, and control of pathogens in environmental media. He completed a Masters degree in Water Policy at Oxford University’s Center for the Environment which adequately equipped him to provide high-level advisorial support to decision makers, managers and policy makers in water policy and management. His PhD research focused on the molecular characterization of faecal indicator bacteria and antibiotic resistant pathogens in aquatic environments.

Chris has gained extensive experience in environmental science research with a focus on projects that assess/predict the effect of past/future management decisions on water quality. As a Research Fellow under the leadership of Prof David Hamilton (University of Waikato), he honed his modelling skills (nitrogen/phosphorus species and pathogens) using a variety of catchment, hydrodynamic and empirical models.