Dr Jarrod Walker

Coastal & Marine Specialist

Jarrod is a marine ecologist with 14 years’ experience working in marine ecosystems. He has a broad range of expertise and research interests and has produced and contributed to the understanding of subtidal rocky reef ecosystems, impacts of anthropogenic stressors on nearshore marine environments, effects of marine reserves, temporal and spatial variability in nearshore marine water quality, and the design of innovative methods for mapping and monitoring complex marine seascapes and water bodies.
Jarrod is experienced in coastal management and coastal engineering. He obtained a BSc and MSc (1st Class) from the School of Biology, University of Auckland, and a PhD at the School of Marine Sciences. from
Jarrod was employed as a marine ecologist at NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) and led research on rocky reef ecology in projects around New Zealand.
Most recently, Jarrod was employed by Auckland Council as a Senior Marine Scientist and then as a Principal Coastal Specialist.
As a Principal Coastal Specialist, Jarrod provided technical expertise in engineering and planning to address coastal erosion, inundation and sea-level rise issues. Jarrod provided research direction and advice to Auckland Council’s multiple local boards, community groups and mana whenua groups to help develop community engagement in the management of Auckland’s coastal and marine environment.
As a Senior Marine Scientist, Jarrod spearheaded the development of “Safeswim”, which is Auckland Council’s flagship programme for beach water quality, led State of the Environment long-term monitoring programmes, and developed innovative techniques using multi-spectral satellite imagery for mapping intertidal and subtidal rocky reefs and associated algae-dominated communities in the Hauraki Gulf.
Jarrod is of Ngā Puhi descent, and works widely with mana whenua and iwi in the Auckland region, providing marine science advice and guidance, and developing coastal water quality indicators that integrate science and mātauranga. As an honorary lecturer and supervisor of MSc and PhD students at the University of Auckland, he actively promotes science as a career for young Māori and Pasifika students.
Jarrod has influenced coastal and water policy directions at a local government level and continues to maintain collaborative programmes with NIWA, Cawthron Institute, University of Auckland, University of Otago and CSIRO (Australia).