Dr Rebecca Eivers

Freshwater Ecology & Wetland Specialist

Rebecca is a freshwater ecologist and wetland specialist with experience as a researcher, consultant and regional council scientist. Her PhD research at the University of Waikato focused on the efficacy of constructed treatment wetlands, including floating islands, to improve water quality and enhance biodiversity in support of peat lake restoration within intensive agricultural landscapes. Rebecca’s MSc research at the University of Canterbury investigated the response of stream macroinvertebrate communities to the composition of riparian buffers in large-scale production pine forests.

Rebecca’s work focuses on assessing the impacts of land use on aquatic ecosystems, and developing and implementing appropriate and effective mitigation, remediation and/or restoration measures. She has extensive experience with water quality issues associated with nutrient and sediment pollution, as well as the response of aquatic ecosystems (including zooplankton, macroinvertebrates, and native fish communities) to land use pressures and habitat restoration.
Rebecca is qualified to carry out Stream Ecological Valuations (SEVs) and has completed numerous ‘Stream-walks’ in and around Auckland and Hamilton during her time as a freshwater consultant for Morphum Environmental. She has extensive experience preparing and reviewing Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEEs) and Resource Consent Applications for development in both public and private sectors. Rebecca has created and contributed to Integrated Catchment Management Plans and Community Catchment Action Plans for watercourses and lakes aimed at restoring water quality and improving ecosystem resilience.