Reconsenting Kinleith Mill's wastewater discharge consents.

Dr Ngaire Phillips led a team of scientists undertaking water quality and ecological science studies associated with Oji Fibre Solutions reconsenting for Kinleith Mill’s waste water discharge consents. This role involved coordinating investigations on mixing dynamics, fish ecology, water quality and contaminants in sediment and eel tissue, as well as leading the freshwater ecology investigations. The project involved undertaking field investigations in challenging environments, so health and safety was a major focus. Dr Phillips compiled the comprehensive Technical Report derived from these investigations. In conjunction with Dr Mark James of Aquatic Environmental Services Ltd, an assessment of current and potential effects on the receiving environments of the Kopakorahi Stream and Lake Maraetai was undertaken and presented in an Ecological Effects Report.

Technical reviewers for Waikato Regional Council (the consenting authority) presented a challenging set of technical questions for the team to address. The project team adopted a collaborative approach to address these questions in a timely and respectful manner. There was a substantial degree of discussion and correspondence between the council and applicant experts. Following several iterations and a number of meetings between the client and council, the council considered the application (and science supporting the application) sufficiently robust. Consents were granted without the need for a hearing.