Lakeside Development Wastewater Treatment Plant: Assessment of Effects

Developers of a proposed residential development (1600 residential lots) at Te Kauwhata, which included a private wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), approached Streamlined Environmental to prepare a technical assessment of potential ecological effects of the wastewater and stormwater discharge.

Dr Mike Stewart led a team of experts who provided guidance to the applicant on the appropriate science needed to support their resource consent application.

An initial assessment investigated the effects of wastewater from the option of the proposed development and the existing Te Kauwhata WWTP, and a second assessment focused on the option of wastewater from the proposed development only. Assessments on water quality (nutrient, metals, emerging organic contaminants) incorporated aspects of fieldwork, laboratory analyses and desktop risk assessments . Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) models were developed for both options, determining the level of treatment required to meet water quality standards and minimise human health risks. A quantitative water quality model was also developed to assess effects of the proposed discharge on Lake Waikare, the proposed receiving environment for this discharge. After completion of the scientific assessment Mike was an expert witness for the 2018 landuse change hearing, providing evidence to inform the decision-making process.

The extensive analysis and support undertaken by our team resulted in the landuse change being approved and the development, wastewater treatment and stormwater treatment plans were able to go ahead. Subsequently, Lakeside was the first private wastewater treatment plant approved for use in the Waikato Region.